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released May 6, 2017



all rights reserved


PEDALSTRIKE Cincinnati, Ohio

A thrashy bike band from Cincinnati, OH, with bike inspired lyrics. Ride your bike. Drink a beer. Come party with us!


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Track Name: Walk of Chamois [Shame]
I went for a nice long ride and then popped a tube
No patch kit, no pump, no backup
So much for my ride, guess I better start walking
With my luck it will start raining
And with my luck it will start hailing
The hours will drag by as my steps multiply
This is my walk of shame
And I could always ride the rim, but I'm not an asshole
Well, maybe to assholes, but never my bikes
I'd rather be riding
This is the worst walk ever
Track Name: Ride Beers
Tonight we fucked up, temporarily screwed
No one brought ride beers, only one thing to do
Where's the nearest store? And who's got cash?
Who's got the biggest bag? You better ride fast
We need more ride beers
Take the number of people times the number of miles
Times at least two, maybe more if you're looking to party
We need more ride beers
Track Name: One Ratio to Rule Them All
If there's beauty in simplicity
Then this bike is a most fucking gorgeous thing
One cog, one ring, and only a chain in between
Derailleurs are for suckers
Gear shifters are for suckers
And I don't need a casette
Unless it's going to play some sweet bangers
Single speeds are just my speed
One ratio to rule them all
Track Name: Uphill Both Ways [Kevin Bacon]
My greatest reward lies at the top of this incline
Because once I get to the top I get to bomb this hill back down
But now isn't the time for thoughts of coasting
Because my legs are burning and my lungs are screaming for air
Got to keep those pedals spinning, one after the other
And try to fight the urge, to do it slower and slower
We got to take this hill boys
Let's take this hill
There can be no rest here till we take this hill
Track Name: Bike on Bike Violence
One bike is great, so why not two?
We ride even better with a tall bike's point of view
Take a couple beaters and weld them together
Now just get ready for the mass confusion
How did you get up there? And how do you get down?
Aren't you scared up there? It's so far to the ground
Tall bikes ride taller
Tall bikes ride better
Tall bikes ride higher
Ride your tall bike higher
Don't forget two bikes are better than one
Yeah we prefer to ride two bikes at once
Track Name: Blue Thunder
It will take a lot of luck for you to catch me riding on that thing
Ticket book at the ready but first you're going to have to chase me
On a sidewalk, on a hybrid
Watch out for blue thunder
Run a red light, no tail light
Watch out for blue thunder
It will take a lot of luck for you to catch me riding on that thing
Ticket book at the ready but first you're going to have to chase me
You're not even fucking pedaling
Fuck you blue thunder
You're just sitting, drinking coffee
Fuck you blue thunder
The precinct gave you a bike
You didn't drop a fucking pound
You can't beat it into submission
These pedals will not submit
It's not powered by abuse of power
You were fucked from donut one
Track Name: Cycle Pit
Circle up you fuckers and ride one way
I'm ready to bike mosh, let's start the game
Let's play foot down
Don't put your foot down
This is foot down
I'll put your foot down
You can take the outside, or you can take the in
You can ride fast or slow, but I'm still going to win
See I got these shoulders, and I got these legs
And in this circle, I have no friends
Let's play foot down
This is foot down
I'll put your foot down
Track Name: Goddamnit
Oh goddammit, what's that noise now?
The creaking, squeaking and grinding
Is fucking constant
Is it the bottom bracket?
Or is it the chain?
Is something new broken?
It's driving me insane
And I don't have the parts to fix it on hand today
And I don't have the know-how to fix it anyway
And even if I did I'd just find something new to break
So fuck it